• Wellness & Immunity Testing

    Complete Wellness and Immunity Testing

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  • Health & STD Screening

    Preventative Health, Specialty and STD Testing

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  • DNA, Paternity & Infidelity Testing

    Discreet, Accurate and Confidential DNA and Paternity Testing

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  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Occupational Testing and Screening at Your Convenience

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Lab Test Services is a local provider of a wide variety of laboratory services, from expanded drug testing options, including urine drug testing, hair follicle testing, fingernail testing, regulated DOT testing, and more.  We cater to walk in donors requiring pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, random drug testing, court ordered drug testing, the legal sector and those seeking DNA testing for paternity or infidelity.

We offer expanding testing options, consultations, testimony and other services to Family Law Attorneys and Private Investigators.  Speakers and trainers are available for your workshops, supervisor training needs, and continuing education – call today to discuss your options.

We proudly work with litigation free, SAMHSA Certified Laboratories, with the most ethical standards in the industry.

For our clinical services, insurance is not required.  Your confidentiality is ensured.

We are proud to work with a large variety of specialty and reference laboratories to offer our patients the most affordable and comprehensive screening available.  Our partners are highly recommended, accredited and credentialed — ensuring the best results, and court admissible options.

Any lab test that you require is available through our walk-in facility, call us today if you need something special that you need, or visit our Specialty Pages for additional information.

Call us today or walk in for an appointment or to ask any questions at 1.800.492.9484 or directly at 770.439.4377.