• Wellness & Immunity Testing

    Complete Wellness and Immunity Testing

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  • Health & STD Screening

    Preventative Health, Specialty and STD Testing

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  • DNA, Paternity & Infidelity Testing

    Discreet, Accurate and Confidential DNA and Paternity Testing

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  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Occupational Testing and Screening at Your Convenience

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Welcome to Lab Test Services

Lab Test Services, a Marietta, Georgia healthcare facility, offers a wide range of lab test options including DNA and paternity testing, DOT Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing, Probation Testing (Diversion Program Drug Test), 80-hour alcohol testing, and specialty testing.

We are committed to continuing to bring cutting edge testing to our clients. Specialty testing services are available and include Synthetic Marijuana, K2, Spice, Bath Salts, GHB (date rape drug), Ecstasy, Rohypnol and Ketamine testing, infidelity testing, expanded DNA and Paternity Testing.  We offer a WIDE variety of services relating to drug and alcohol testing, including urine, finger/toe nail, hair, blood, breath, etc.  Some drug testing options provide historical results, documenting usage, for the past 9 – 12 months.  Call us today for more information regarding testing for your specific personal or legal situation  We specialize in working with clients involved in litigation.

Our affordable rates are often less expensive than your physician’s office, bringing parents, corporations, legal, healthcare clients and individuals affordable laboratory options.

  • No Insurance Required
  • Accepting Walk-In Patients, Appointments Available
  • Discreet and 100% Confidential

Some of our clinical options include:

  • DNA and Paternity Testing – Legal and Non-legal/Personal Paternity, Sibling-ship, Grand-parentage, Child DNA Safeguarding, Immigration, Semen Detection/Infidelity
  • Pre Natal Paternity Test – A non invastive paternity test that determines paternity as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy; requires a simple blood draw from the mother and father; results in 5 days
  • Specialty Testing – Child Protective Services Testing, Date Rape Testing and Synthetic Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug Testing – NDIA 5 Drug Test

Any lab test that you require is available through our walk-in facility; call us today if you need something special that you do not see listed