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Frequently Asked Questions

Illicit Drugs and Drug Testing

Marijuana – Weed, Pot, Grass, Reefer, Ganja, Mary Jane, Blunt, Joint, Roach, Nail

Q. Isn’t smoking pot less dangerous than smoking cigarettes?
A. No, it is even worse. Marijuana affects your lungs and deposits four times more tar into the lungs and contains 50% – 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco.

Q. Can I become addicted to marijuana?
A. Yes. In 2006 alone 300,000 people entered treatment for marijuana addiction.

Q. How long can pot stay in my body?
A. Depending on your use, marijuana can be detected on a drug test for six weeks and varies depending on how long you have been using.

Q. Can I take anything to get clean for my drug test?
A. No. Time is your friend; the longer you stay clean the better the chance you have of passing a drug test.

Club Drugs

Q. What will club drugs or Ecstasy do to me?
A. Club drugs affect your body. Some common side effects are loss of muscle control and motor skills, blurred vision and seizures. Some can increase your heart rate and cause heart attack or increase blood pressure that can lead to heart and kidney failure. Some “homemade” or garage lab club drugs can cause coma, severe breathing problems and even death.

Q. What is Rohypnol?
A. Rohypnol, or “Ruffies”/”Rooffies”, is a Date Rape Drug, which is a powerful sedative that can make you unconscious and immobilize you. Rohypnol can cause a type of amnesia, and the user may not know what he/she did or said.

Q. Are effects of Ecstasy permanent?
A. Yes. Studies have proven that regular use can cause long term damage to the brain’s ability to think and store memories.

Inhalants – Slang, Kick, Bang, Sniff, Huff, Poppers, Whippets, Texas Shoeshine

Q. What’s the big deal about sniffing glue or inhalants?
A. Inhalants affect your brain with much greater speed and force than many other substances; they can cause irreversible physical and mental damage before you know what has happened. People who use inhalants can also experience nausea, nose bleeds, liver damage, kidney problems and loss of sense of smell or hearing. Chronic use can lead to muscle wasting, reduced strength and muscle tone and instant death. Chronic users can lose the ability to walk, talk and perform everyday tasks as usage can cause irreversible brain damage.

Q. How many hits on a whippet can I take before it is dangerous?
A. One hit can kill you. Inhalants affect your brain suddenly and can cause you to engage in violent behavior, hurting yourself, a bystander or a loved one.

Cocaine – Coke, Dust, Toot, Blow, Snow, Sneeze, Powder, Lines, Rock, Crack

Q. Is crack the same as cocaine?
A. Crack (rock) cocaine and powder cocaine come from the coca plant and cause a short lived high that is immediately followed by intense feelings of depression, edginess and cravings for more of the drug. It can be liquified and injected or appear in a solid (crack) or powder, but it is all cocaine.

Q. What if I use cocaine or just try it once?
A. Even first-time cocaine users can have seizures or fatal heart attacks.

Dealing with Kids, Teens and Drug Use

Q. I am a coach, and one of my students confided that he/she is experimenting with drugs; what can I do?
A. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information will send free information pamphlets and fact sheets that will help you learn about how to deal with talking to kids and parents about drugs. Their phone number is 1.800.788.2800, and website address is www.health.org.

Q. What are the obvious signs of drug use?
A. Skipping classes, not doing well in school, unusual odor on their clothes or in their room, hostility toward authority figures, lack of cooperation, physical changes (runny nose, bloodshot eyes), borrowing money often or suddenly having extra cash, lack of interest in previous activities, significant mood changes, loss of interest in personal appearance, weight changes, change in friends, heightened secrecy about where they are going or who they are with.

Q. I think my teen may be using drugs; any advice?
A. If you suspect your teen is using drugs, take action. Ask your child directly. Let your teen know you want him or her to be honest. If you need help, contact your child’s school counselor, pediatrician, or family physician, or call the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. For more information, try the parenting information section at www.theantidrug.com. Many private, commercial insurance programs now cover rehabilitation and recovery programs. Don’t wait.

Paternity Testing – Legal and Personal Paternity

Q. How do I know what kind of paternity test I need?
A. If you need a paternity test for change of a birth certificate, court purposes, child support, marital support, visitation, custody, divorce or anything related to a legal matter, you will need a Legal or Custody Controlled Paternity Test.

Q. Does a Legal Paternity Test and Personal Paternity Test go to the same lab?
A. Yes. We utilize a laboratory that specializes in DNA testing, and the specimen is handled in the same manner.

Q. How much is a Legal Paternity Test?
A. Our Legal Paternity for one child, one father and the mother (if desired) is $350.00.

Q. How much does a Paternity Test cost, if I don’t need it for court?
A. Our Personal Paternity Test is $250.00 for one child, one father and mother (if desired).

Q. How long does it take to get DNA Paternity results back?
A. Generally we have results within three business days from the time the specimen was received at the laboratory. We overnight the specimen at no cost to you.

Q. Are “rushed” results available for paternity testing?
A. Yes. We do offer a rushed, priority results service for adoption agency testing, court ordered testing and legal matters for an additional handling fee.

Q. Will you release my results to anyone other than me for my DNA Paternity Test?
A. No. Results are 100% confidential. We will call you when your results are in and ask for your permission to email them to you. We do not give results over the phone.

Q. What do I need to bring to my DNA Paternity Test?
A. If you are having a Legal Paternity Test, please bring your photo identification with you; no testing can be conducted without some form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, immigration papers, or county or state identification.

Q. I may put my baby up for adoption; can you do the test at the hospital?
A. Yes. An appointment or advanced notice is required and the test is conducted in your private room. A Collector will appear and will bring all necessary paperwork.  There is a $50 fee for the DNA Collector to appear at the hospital to facilitate the collection.  Results are generally available within 3 business days.  There is a $75.00 fee for results to be expedited for signing of a birth certificate or adoption needs.

Q. I am not 18 yet and am pregnant; do I need my parents’ permission to find out who the father of my baby is?
A. Yes and No. If the father is 18 years of age or older, we can obtain his specimen and the baby’s with no additional consent from your parents. If neither you nor the father is over 18, we need permission from at least the alleged father’s parents to conduct the test.

Q. Is there a payment plan for paternity testing or do you take insurance for paternity testing?
A. Yes and No. Yes you can pay half the cost at the time the specimen is collected and the balance before the results are provided. We do not accept insurance or government assistance.

Q. Can I give you a check for my paternity test?
A. No, we only accept exact cash, Visa or MasterCard.

Q. Can I have a paternity test before my baby is born?
A. Yes. Unlike a traditional paternity test, this is not collected by a swab, rather collected by a simple blood draw of the mother and the alleged father. The cost for the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test is $1600.00  The test is conducted by the latest in DNA SNP microarray technology and analyzes the baby’s DNA which is found naturally in the mother’s bloodstream.  An appointment is required.

Q. My brother / sister and I don’t think we have the same father; is there a test for us to know for sure?
A. Yes, we have several options for “sibling-ship” testing and half-sibling testing. Please call the office for more information.

Q. Does my baby’s mother have to be there for a paternity test?
A. No. We only need one custodial parent to be present, and results are 100% confidential.

Q. My ex is court ordered (restraining order) to stay away from me and my baby, and now we need a DNA Paternity Test. Do we all have to come together?
A. No. We will collect all specimens separately and hold them in a secured facility until all parties are collected; then the specimens will be transported to the laboratory.

DNA Specimen Testing

Q. I found hair in my spouse’s hair brush that is not his/hers; can you test it and what can you tell me?
A. Yes. You will need to wear gloves, remove the specimen with tweezers, put the hair specimen (we need a minimum of 15 strands) into a white paper towel and bring to us. (Do not put in a plastic bag as it can degrade the specimen.) We can send it to the laboratory for a variety of testing – one option is to verify it has DNA present and the sex; the second option is to compare it to another known specimen from another known donor.

Q. I think my spouse is cheating, I found something on my spouse’s pants, blouse, underwear, etc. Can you tell me if it is semen or a vaginal specimen?
A. Yes. Bring the article of clothing; do not rinse, wash or expose to chemicals. We will process the specimen at the laboratory for presence of semen and/or DNA.

Specialty Testing

Q. I think my babysitter is giving my baby Benadryl or some kind of sedative; is there a test for that?
A. Yes. We have a variety of specialty testing available for the “unknown” substance that is available for this type of situation.

Q. The mother of my unborn child used to do drugs. She swears she is clean, but I am not so sure. Is there a test you can do on my baby to know if he / she has been exposed to drugs or alcohol?
A. Yes. We are able to work in conjunction with your physician to perform a test on the baby’s meconium (the first bowel movement after birth) in order to test for drug and alcohol use by the mother.

Q. I am about to do a private adoption and want to be sure the mother is clean from drugs and alcohol and that the baby does not have anything in his/her system; is there anything we can do to test for that?
A. Yes. Please see above regarding meconium testing.

Q. I think my spouse is drugging me; can I get a test for that?
A. Yes, we have a variety of “unknown” substance testing that is available via a blood draw, urine specimen, hair follicle test or finger nail test.

Q. I was out, and I think someone slipped me something. I can’t remember what happened; was I date raped?
A. First, if you think you have been sexually assaulted, you need to get to a hospital emergency room for a rape kit right away so DNA can be collected and you can be examined. Second, there is a Date Rape Drug Test available through a urine specimen (up to 48-72 hours post ingestion) or by hair follicle specimen (a minimum of 14 days after ingestion). Testing is also available on the glass, jar or other container you believe the drug was placed in.

Q. I was date raped six months ago but was too embarrassed to get tested; is there anything I can do to prove it now?
A. Yes. A segmentation hair follicle test is available for a specific period of time that would prove if you ingested Rohypnol, MDMA or any other hypnotic date rape drug.

Q. I don’t have insurance and need blood work, do you do lab testing?

A. Yes.  Bring a copy of your physician’s lab order, or call us, and we will be happy to customize a lab test panel specific to your needs for a low, flat rate.

Q. I have a high deductible and can’t afford the lab work my doctor wants, do you provide options?

A. Yes. Our lab work is more often than not considerably less expensive than having testing performed through your insurance company.  Call us to discuss your specific needs or visit our Health and Wellness Page or our Specialty Testing Page to see if we already have the combination of testing you require.

Q. I’m exhausted all of the time, is there a blood test I can get to help figure out why?

A. Yes.  We offer a Chronic Fatigue Testing Panel to help rule out some common causes of exhaustion.  We will provide you copies of all of your results to carry to your physician to benefit him/her in the diagnosis and clinical course of care you may require.  Our panel checks your chemistry levels, CBC, screens for Lyme Disease, Mono, Epstein Barr and iron status. Visit our Speciality Testing Page to learn more.

Q. My joints are always swollen and I’m tired all the time and in pain, is there some kind of blood test available to help determine if I have an autoimmune disease?

A. Of course we always recommend visiting your medical professional, however, if you need blood work, testing is available through our Auto Immune and Inflammatory Panel.  The test screens for, sed rate, RA/RF factor, CBC, chemistry, C. Reactive Protein and ANA.  Visit our Specialty Testing Page to learn more.

Q. I think I was bit by a tick and I never got checked.  Do you test for that?

A. Yes.  Come in for a simple blood test for the screening of Lyme Disease.

Q. Do I need to fast for my blood work?

A. Yes and No.  Some tests require fasting and others do not.  You may drink water the morning of even if you need to fast.  Being well hydrated the day and night before a blood test is helpful and makes the draw as simple as possible.  Types of tests that do require fasting including:  Glucose, A1C, any cholestorol screening.  Call the office for additional information about fasting for blood work.

DOT Testing

Q. My husband needs a DOT physical and a DOT drug screen, where can I get one?
A. You can get a DOT physical here in Marietta. Please call 1.800.492.9484 to make an appointment.

What does a DOT drug screen cost?

A. We charge $50.00 for a DOT drug test.

Q. What is a NIDA 5 Drug Screen?
A. A NIDA 5 Drug Screen is a DOT Federal Regulated Drug Screen.

Q. When does the DOT require employee drug testing?
A. Pre-employment drug tests, Random drug tests, Post Accident drug tests, Probable Cause drug tests, Return to Duty drug testing and Follow-up drug testing.

Q. What drugs does DOT test?
A. DOT tests for Marijuana metabolites/THC, Cocaine metabolites, Amphetamines including methamphetamines, Opiates including Codeine & Morphine and Phencyclidine (PCP)

Q. Can I beat a DOT drug test?
A. No.

Q. I am driving through Georgia and was pulled for a Random, where can I get a DOT Drug Test.
A. We offer DOT Drug Testing for walk in clients, please call 1.800.492.9484.

Q. Where can I get a DOT Breath Alcohol Test in Georgia?
A. We offer walk in DOT Breath Alcohol Testing for $30.00 in our office.