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Health & STD Screening

$50.00 – Synthetic Cannabinoids / Marijuana ( K2, Spice, Spike, Haze, Legla, Cloud Nine, Dragon Spice, Mr. Myagi, Tyranny Green, Warped, Triple Diamond, Dream Smoke, Genie, Smoke, Pot-pourri, Buzz, Pulse, Hush, Mystery, Earthquake, Ocean Blue, Stinger, Serenity and others)

$65.00 – Bath Salts Testing / Mephedrone, MDPV, Methylone a.k.a. Synthetic Cocaine

$225.00 – Hair Follicle Alcohol Consumption Test – This test identifies those individuals consuming as few as 8-16 alcoholic drinks (on average) per week, or individuals consuming on average at least 4-6 alcoholic drinks per day.  Minor ethanol metabolites are measured in hair as direct alcohol consumption markers for interpretation of the alcohol consumption levels.  This test is used for:  DUI Offenses, Zero Tolerance Programs, Adoption, Family Court, Return to Duty, Safety Sensitive Incidents, Recovery Programs, Probation, Diversion and other specialty needs.

$195.00 – PEth (Phosphatidylethanol Alcohol Biomaker (whole blood or blood spot). Measured by the presence of an abnormal phospholipid molecule that is formed ONLY in the presence of ethanol, created and captured in the red blood cell membrane.  The more alcohol someone drinks the more PEth is present.  This test is often utilized to determine the amount of alcohol consumed over a three (3) week period to identify potential “binge” drinking or risky alcohol consumption behavior.

$125.00 – Basic 5 Panel Finger / Toe Nail Drug Test – Amphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates & PCP.   Providing three – four months of historical data, some testing options can screen 12 months of drug use history.    Expanded Panels available – Call for pricing.

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