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DNA, Paternity & Infidelity Testing

Paternity & DNA Testing

$350.00 – Legal Paternity – Screening 18 DNA Markers with Chain of Custody procedures, by a simple cheek swab, no blood draw is required.  Results accepted in courts nationwide and is most appropriate for any situation that includes a question of custody, visitation, change of a birth certificate, signing a birth certificate, marital support or child support.  Our Trio Test includes father, child and mother at no additional charge, some laboratories have additional fees for the testing of the mother.  The Trio is the court’s preferred testing method, thus we include the mother’s participation at no additional charge.  Expedited results are available for an additional $100 and specimen collections can be facilitated at an area hospital for an on-site charge of $50.00  Standard results are available in 3 to 5 business days.

$200.00 – Non Legal or Personal Paternity – Screening 18 DNA Markers by a simple cheek swab, no blood draw is required. Includes father, child as part of the standard test and mother at no additional charge.  Personal Paternity is the right choice when there is no question of visitation, custody or child support.  Results in 3 to 5 business days.

$1500.00 – Pre Natal Paternity Test – The most accurate non invasive way to establish paternity before the baby is born, as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy.  The process is state-of-the-art, combining the latest in DNA SNP microarray technology and proprietary methods of preserving and analyzing the baby’s DNA found naturally in the mother’s bloodstream.  The only samples required are a blood sample for both the mother and the alleged father.  98.9% Accurate comparing 317,000 dna markets.  Results in 5 days.

$375.00 – Siblingship Testing / Legal –  This test  is utilized to determine if siblings (half or full) share a common parent.  In the case that possible siblings do not share the same mother and wish to determine that they share the same biological father a half siblingship test is performed.  In the situation that siblings  do indeed share the same biological mother but are unsure if they share the same biological father—in this situation, a full siblingship test is performed.

CALL – Post Mortem DNA Paternal/Maternal Testing available.  Blood spot card, tissues sample, etc.  To determine parentage post mortem, for Social Security Benefits, Veterans Benefits, etc.

$145.00 – DNA Banking – Protects against illegitimate claims, provides a standard of comparison for high-risk professions (military, overseas contractors, fire fighters and law enforcement personnel).  Assists with identification of missing persons and helps identify inherited traits such as genetic diseases. Specimens are held in a secure environment for 15-years, and maybe utilized for future DNA testing needs.

Infidelity Testing

$200.00 – Y Chromosome Testing.  Screening for the presence of male Y Chromosome, (male DNA).  This does not confirm the presence of semen, but is a cost effective option to determine infidelity, or if additional screening is needed.  Call for pricing information, depending on how complicated the case is, or multi-level testing required, pricing may vary.

$200.00 – Semen Detection Testing.  Screening for a protein only occurring in semen.  Will confirm the presence of semen on a garment of clothing.  This test will not screen positive for the presence of semen if the male donor has had a vasectomy.  Call for pricing information, other testing maybe required, pricing may vary.

$200.00 – DNA Comparison.  This is performed by a buccal mouth swab.  This is often utilized when attempting to rule out a spouse as the Y Chromosome or Semen donor.  (preferred method is buccal swab of the mouth but can be done but other methods, including, finger nails, toe nails, toothbrush, etc.)

$400.00 – Unknown Substance Testing.  Performed when a pill, powder or other substance that they suspect is a drug, or an unknown stain or substance that needs to be identified as “biological” or not.

Our Lab Partners

We are proud to partner with a leader in DNA and Paternity testing to bring an accurate, powerful test to conclusively answer questions regarding paternity, with legally defensible results and compassionate confidential service.

Results yielded will dictate 0% probability of paternity or greater than 98.9%. We provide a detailed and comprehensive report within three business days of receipt of the specimen, on average.

We are available to present at your lawyer’s office, hospital setting or in our clinic for your convenience.

In addition to standard paternity testing, we offer the following:

  • Prenatal Paternity Testing – a noninvasive, safe way to determine paternity prior to the birth of the child
  • Paternity & Maternity Testing
  • Sibling-ship Testing – with or without a common parent
  • Grand-parentage Testing
  • Child DNA Safeguarding
  • Immigration Testing – Pricing Varies, please call.
  • Semen Detection / Infidelity Testing
  • Ancestry Testing
  • Genetic Reconstruction – Up to 4 individuals (mother, child and 2 paternal relatives)
  • DNA Comparison
  • Avuncular – Child and Alledged Aunt/Uncle Testing – testing with common parent (mother/father), child and aunt/uncle
  • DNA Banking – Secure storage of a DNA sample for 15 years
  • DNA Profiling
  • Blood Stain Testing
  • A large variety of bodily fluid, tissue and cellular screening available.

Quality Assurance

  • All Paternity Cases are screened twice (2x) in parallel to ensure accuracy.
  • DNA Tests are ISP 17025 and AABB accredited.
  • Laboratory is CLIA ACLASS for ISO, IEC, CAP and NYSDOG. Reports are recognized around the United States and in most countries. Test results are routinely 10 to 1,000 times more accurate than what courts require for proof of parentage.


  • Results are confidential.
  • Process is discreet.
  • No results are given over the phone.
  • No third party may receive results without a prior authorization or subpoena.
  • Litigation Packages and Expert Testimony Packages are available.