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Wellness & Immunity Testing

Wellness Testing

$250.00 – Auto Immune & Inflammatory Panel – CBC, Chemistry Panel, Sed Rate (erythrocyte sedimentation rate),  C. Reactive Protein, RA/RF Factor (autoantibody) and ANA (antinuclear antibody).

$195.00 – Chronic Fatigue Panel – CBC, Chemistry Panel, Lyme Disease, Monosport (Mononucleosis), and Epstein Barr and iron status.

$50.00 – Cardiac/Lipid Panel – Total Cholesterol, Hdl Cholesterol, Ldl Cholesterol, Cholesterol HDL Ratio and Percentile. Fasting is required.

$75.00 – Complete Wellness – CBC and Hepatic Function Panel Plus Comprehensive Chemical Analysis (ChemProfile 23). Fasting is required.

$40.00 – CBC – Basic CBC Screening for Complete Blood Count.  Red and White Blood Cell Count, Platelets, with differential.

$45.00 – CBC and Hepatic Function Panel – Most commonly performed blood analysis, Hematocrit/Hemoglobin/White Blood Count/Platelets; includes a Hepatic Function Panel (liver function). Fasting is required.

$45.00 – Chem Profile 23 – Comprehensive chemical analysis simultaneously including Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Albumin, Billirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Glucose, Calcium, Uric Acid and Liver enzymes – SGOT/SGPT.  Fasting is required.

$30.00 – ChemPanel 4 – A basic screening for lipid and glucose.  Fasting is required.

$35.00 – Hemoglobin A1C (HA1c) -(Senior Citizen Discount Available for 65 + $15.00). Fasting is required.

$55.00 – Lyme’s Disease Testing – b. burgolorferia antibody screening.

$75.00 – Thyroid Panel – TSH, Free T4, Thyroid Uptake, Thyroxine(T3).

$75.00 – Vitamin D (OH) Total, Deficiency Testing

$170.00 – Food & Animal Allergy Panel – Cat/Dog Danger, cladosporium herarum, D fariena, D. pteronyssiuns, egg white, fish (cod), cockroach, cow’s milk, peanut, shrimp, soybean, walnut and wheat.

$180.00  – Southeastern Allergy Panel – Alternaria alternate, bahia gross, bermuda grass, cat epithelium and danger, dog danger, Cladosporium herbarum, common pigweed, D. farinea, D. pternyssiinus, elm tree, german cockroach, johnson grass, kentucky blue grass, oak tree, pecan hickory tree, penicillium chrysogenum and ragweed.

$180.00 – Pediatric Allergy Panel – Alternaria alternata, cat epithelium and dander, cladosporium herbarum, D. farinea, D. pteronyssinus, dog dander, egg white, fish, cockroach, cow’s milk, peanut, shrimp, soybean, walnut and wheat.

$50.00 – Bee Allergy – Yellow Jacket, White Faced Hornet, Honey Bee, Paper Wasp & Yellow Hornet

$50.00 – Gluten Allergy

$50.00 – Latex Allergy

There are hundreds of other single panel allergy tests available, including seafood, fruit, regional, tree, animal and others.  Please call 1.800.492.9484 for any specialized profile test that you may require.

MELISA Testing – Metal Hypersensitivity Testing is available for patients that are about to undergo total joint replacement or surgery that involves the placement of an implant.  Testing includes screening for potential hypersensitivity for common metal grade alloys.  A positive hypersensitivity may assist your physician in selecting the best implant for your situation.  Testing is also available for patients that have previously had a metal implant that maybe experience adverse side effects to rule out potential reaction to the implant.  This test maybe ordered through health insurance or is available through a cash pay option.  Special instructions are required prior to testing, so please call in advance to schedule your MELISA Blood Draw.  MELISA Testing is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

iSPOT Testing – iSPOT Testing is the most advanced Lyme Disease Test available.  This may be ordered through your health insurance or is also available on a cash pay basis. iSPOT is available for testing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only.    iSPOT can be used for early detection, therapeutic monitoring, and the detection of recurring infections.  Patients should consider iSPOT when they experience:

  • A tick bite
  • Erythema migran “Bulls Eye Rash”
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Joint Pain – bouts of sever joint pain and swelling — knees are especially affected, but pain can shift from knee to knee
  • Neurological problems:  Bell’s palsy (loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of the face), meningitis (severe headaches and neck stiffness), numbness or weakness in limbs
  • Heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats (dizziness)
  • Eye inflammation
  • Hepatitis
  • Severe fatigue


Immunity Testing

$100.00 – Comprehensive Screening for current immunity to a variety of diseases and infections; includes Varicella (Chicken Pox Immunity), MMR, Mumps, Rubella, Measles (Rubella)

$50.00 – Screening for Chicken Pox (Varicella Immunity)

$75.00 – Screening for MMR Immunity Status – combination discount

$45.00 – Screening for Measles Immunity Status

$45.00 – Screening for Mumps Immunity Status

$45.00 – Screening for Rubella Immunity Status